Car Definitions

What does Tiptronic Gears mean?

A tiptronic transmission is an automatic gearbox with the ability to change gears manually. It is particularly useful when climbing steep hills or when overtaking on the highway.

What does Regenerative Braking mean?

A system employed in hybrid and battery electric vehicles that captures energy created during braking/deceleration and transfers it to the onboard battery. Energy stored in this battery is then used to power the vehicle at slow speeds reducing its reliance on the engine and making it more fuel efficient.

What does Torsen Limited Slip Differential mean?

A mechanical component that sends rotational power to both wheels when one is raised off the ground or experiencing slippage. Standard differentials, also known as open differentials, cannot perform this task.

What does Spoiler mean?

An aerodyanmic component that is usually found on the back of a vehicle to increase grip on the road.

What does Cornering assist mean?

A safety system that works as an expansion of the ABS, Cornering Assist distributes brake force independently while cornering.