Car Definitions

What does Collision Detection mean?

A collection of sensors that work together to monitor the distance between the vehicle and the one in front of it. This feature is usually bundled with Automatic Emergency Braking that jams the brakes if the driver does not respond in time to prevent a collision.

What does Spoiler mean?

An aerodyanmic component that is usually found on the back of a vehicle to increase grip on the road.

What does Skid plates mean?

A metal plate fixed to the underside of a vehicle (usually a 4x4) to prevent damage to vital components when contact is made with the ground.

What does Torque Steer mean?

The unintended influence of torque on the steering, a trait typically seen in front-wheel-drive vehicles. During heavy acceleration, the steering is likely to pull towards one side.

What does Self-levelling Headlights mean?

A system that uses a number of sensors to calculate load within the vehicle and automatically adjust the direction of the headlamps. This ensures the vehicle's headlamps are always in their optimal position and not pointing upwards into the sky or dipped downwards limiting visibility.