Car Definitions

What does Legroom mean?

The amount of space available in front of an occupants' legs when seated in a vehicle.

What does HUD (Heads-Up Display) mean?

A digital display projected from the vehicle's dashboard onto the windshield to provide necessary information such as speed within the driver's line of sight.

What does Regenerative Braking mean?

A system employed in hybrid and battery electric vehicles that captures energy created during braking/deceleration and transfers it to the onboard battery. Energy stored in this battery is then used to power the vehicle at slow speeds reducing its reliance on the engine and making it more fuel efficient.

What does Power Locks mean?

A convenience feature that allows all doors of a vehicle to be locked/unlocked when one door is opened or closed. This can either be controlled through the door handle itself or from a compatible key fob.

What does Front Camera mean?

A camera placed at the front of the vehicle that gives drivers a clear view of objects such as pavements or potholes that they may not be able to judge precisely otherwise.