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Changan EGYPT - Prices and Specs

3 models from EGP 115,000 to 174,900

Changan 2019 Overview

A worthy rival to competing brands such as Brilliance, JAC, and Kerry, Changan is a Chinese auto manufacturer that is well known for automotive marvels such as the CS35. With three models spanning three versions, there's a modest range for buyers in Egypt to choose from . On sale for an affordable sum of EGP 115,000, the Changan Benni 2018 is the brand's most economical model in the range. Belonging to the Changan Automobile Group, Changan is one that has been in existence and whose fan base has grown significantly since 1962. Listed below are detailed prices, specifications, and features for all Changan vehicles sold in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

All Changan Models

New Changan Prices in EGYPT

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