UAE Issues New Traffic Fines That Could Reach Up to 2,000 AED
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UAE Issues New Traffic Fines That Could Reach Up to 2,000 AED
By Ahmad Rashad Al Zeer
May 21,2023
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Regarding traffic safety, the UAE has implemented a firm set of regulations and guidelines. To guarantee adherence to these laws, authorities have established penalties and fines. However, recent updates to UAE traffic fines have been introduced, with a maximum cost of AED 2,000. The purpose of these fines is to enhance traffic safety, particularly in anticipation of the upcoming rainy season.


Allow us to provide you with an overview of the specifics regarding the new traffic fines that were recently implemented in the UAE, which have been introduced to address unpredictable weather conditions and emergencies.


UAE introduces new traffic fines up to AED 2,000.

To prevent problems or accidents, it is essential to stick to the driving regulations in the UAE. With the approaching rainy season leading to potential flooding in low-lying areas, the UAE has announced new traffic fines to avoid emergencies caused by heavy rainfall. Now, there are three new traffic fines and three new traffic fines in the UAE that go with them.


Following are the new traffic fines that were implemented in the UAE:

UAE new traffic fines in bad rainy weather


Entry into flooded valleys

  • UAE Traffic Fine: 2,000 AED
  • Added Black Points: 23 points
  • Vehicle Impound Period: 60 Days

Under any circumstances, it is strictly forbidden to enter the affected areas, regardless of the level of danger. All drivers must steer clear of these locations to minimize the risk of vehicles being swept away. It has been explicitly stated as illegal to access areas likely to flood, and both residents and tourists must comply with this regulation to avoid penalties and the potential seizure of their vehicles.


Disturbing Traffic of Authority in Flooded Area

  • UAE Traffic Fine: 1,000 AED
  • Added Black Points: 4 points
  • Vehicle Impound Period: 60 Days

During emergencies, disasters, crises, and rainy conditions, it is crucial for drivers to abstain from obstructing the authorities responsible for traffic control, as well as ambulance and rescue vehicles. Additionally, in areas prone to flooding, motorists must ensure they do not block the flow of traffic.


Gathering Near Flooded Areas

  • UAE Traffic Fine: 1,000 AED
  • Added Black Points: 4 points

Motorists must avoid gathering anywhere near valleys, flooded areas, and dams during rainy weather.


New Traffic Rules Take Effect in UAE

As of 18 May 2023, the newly issued rules will take effect, to focus on ensuring the safety of drivers. Despite Dubai experiencing hot and sunny weather, certain regions of the UAE encountered rainfall, dust storms, and strong winds in the past weeks. The weather forecast indicates the likelihood of further rain in specific areas of the UAE.

Until now, authorities in the UAE primarily relied on issuing warnings and advising motorists to avoid flood-prone areas. However, there has been a notable change in strategy as the government has now opted to enforce these regulations through the imposition of fines, black points, and even vehicle confiscation. Consequently, the implementation of these stricter measures is expected to significantly enhance the safety of drivers during inclement weather.


To ensure a safe driving experience in heavy rain and severe weather, it is essential to follow the above-mentioned new UAE traffic rules. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that your vehicle is in proper working condition to navigate through challenging road situations. If you are considering replacing your current vehicle, you can explore the available used cars for sale in the UAE.



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