UAE Ban Import of Chinese-Manufactured Volkswagen EVs

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Volkswagen electric vehicles built in China will be temporarily no longer imported to the UAE, according to the UAE Ministry of Economy after issuing Ministerial Decision No. 40 of 2023. Volkswagen's main models that would be affected by this rule are the ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, and ID.6 unless they were imported with the intention of being exported again outside of the country.

After reviewing Federal Law No. 1 of 1972 regarding the authority of ministers and laws amending it, Cabinet Resolution No. 68 of 2020 regarding the organizational structure of the Ministry of Economy, and the letter sent from Volkswagen -the parent company based in Germany- to the Ministry of Economics on January 17, and based on what the Undersecretary of Ministers presented the ministerial decision's text was developed.

Section 2 of the bill stated, that the ministry has temporarily stopped the registration of these vehicles with all the UAE's vehicle licensing agencies.

In addition, the third section of the decision of the ministry; this decision does not apply to electric vehicles that have been paid for and purchased by individuals before the date of this decision, the ministry also stated that this exception does not apply to the purchase of dealerships vehicles for the above-mentioned electric vehicles.

According to the fourth section of the law, the Ministry will interact with the parent manufacturer to enquire about the stated security and safety criteria in coordination with the appropriate authorities, In order to check the final results and submit its findings to the final position within 30 days.

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Worldwide recall due to battery defect

The ban comes after Volkswagen recalled more than 120,000 units of its ID.4 and ID.3 models globally due to a battery flaw.

According to the manufacturer, the battery cells have increased self-discharge as a result of a manufacturing flaw, and any batteries that have issues will be replaced in accordance with indicative data.

UAE car owners claim fires and technical issues

As the affected Volkswagen models included in the ban decision had gained popularity on UAE streets despite experts' warnings about the lack of a warranty for maintenance, the ban came as a surprise to UAE owners and traders.

It is important to know that these vehicles are included with batteries designed better for China's climate, and were created especially for the Chinese market. That being said, several car owners in UAE and around the Middle East have recorded vehicle fires and unexpected technical failures with considerable financial losses as well.


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