Land Rover Defender 90 Design Icon Model showcased and available to purchase


Some companies become legendary icons over a wide span of operations as they continuously launch thoroughbred products which are true to their heritage. Their constant commitment to quality, appearance and exceptional usability is what has transformed them into icons and legendary players in the market. A product philosophy is so integral to a brand that once adopted, it shouldn’t be tampered with as it forms the basis of what a brand stands for. It provides a purpose and lets the clientele know what it can expect in future.


To celebrate the purpose of the brand and commemorate one of its oldest icons that provided a solid foundation not only to this British legend, but the realm of SUVs in general, Land Rover has come up with its take on diecast models warping its retro-modern Defender 90 series. With this, they seem to ode to the brand’s prestigious heritage and treat some affluent people and ardent Land Rover fanatics with the scale model. More than anything else, Land Rover says these models perfectly bring about the design philosophy of the brand.


Intrigued? There’s more to it. Use the phrase ‘Land Rover Defender 90 Design Icon Model’ when you book yours through their retailers or if you’re left completely spellbound by these. It aroused a profusion of debate when Land Rover said it was working on the new Defender. However, they shook the crowd when the car was unveiled. This was because the attention to detail was of an unexpected and inexplicable level perfectly fusing classic and modern touches to keep it going against its established rivals. These smaller iterations reiterate the same tale by exuding clean lines and a bold stance to signify Land Rover’s go-anywhere modern luxury. 

Not only the shape, even the colours are pretty iconic as you get to choose among 3 distinct colour options of Pangea Green, Gondwana Stone and Santorini Black. The shade of green has attracted a great amount of penchant for itself as it has been present since the start of the brand when it launched the first-gen Defender that could traverse ‘above and beyond.’

Massimo Frascella, Land Rover Design Director opines, “The adventurous spirit of Land Rover is expressed through the Icon Model’s characteristic form and attention to detail, while its reductive form gives a timeless quality to the design.” 

Not more than 5,000 examples will be available for people to stock them in their home galleries or for car enthusiasts to witness magic every time they have to gander over these exquisite pieces of art. Speaking of its dimensions, it is 17 cm in length, 9 cm in width and 6 cm in height. Such petite proportions promises that you wouldn’t have to outlay moolah to build a showcase shelf exclusively for the car but can simply place it anywhere and the place is likely to grab eyeballs towards it. 

Going by how wonderfully the model of this Defender 90 has been executed, do you think Land Rover should try pulling off diecast models of its entire range including the flagship Range Rover? That would enhance the range of their collection and market the brand like nothing else. However, more than anything else, it would mean business, pure business for the now struggling famous brand which destroyed the boundaries of human exploration. 

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