The Nissan Altima: A step ahead in technology and a class above in design

Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima blends the best since its inception in 1992, a four-door family sedan with advanced technology and sculpted design, representing an optimal drive. Power-wise, the latest Altima houses the world’s first production-ready variable compression turbo engine that is designed to respond to inputs instantaneously. The vehicle understands fuel needs and maximizes output at every curve.

The Altima’s all-new, four-cylinder, direct-injection gasoline (DIG) engine gives you a quicker, quieter, and smoother performance, without compromising on efficiency. Altima’s dynamic drive technologies handle all terrains with incredible ease.


One of the many striking features of this version of the Altima has is the integration of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology that allows for customization options in network connections. The Nissan Door to Door navigation offered in this new edition also makes routing easy and seamless.

The Altima’s Intelligent Ride Control assists the driver with automatic brakes and an adjustment of the torque, among others. It makes for a more streamlined driving experience that would allow you to enjoy the ride and not have to worry about potholes, sharp curves, uneven roads, or even sudden roadblocks. The model also has improved steering and suspension and features a new chassis for better handling and control.


For Apple users, the car is equipped with Apple CarPlay that brings onboard contacts, favorite messaging apps, the iTunes library, Apple Music playlists, Apple Maps, and more. If you are an Android user, Google Maps and Google Play Music are at your disposal.

The Altima comes packed with an advanced drive-assist display feature with a choice of 15 screens on the full-colour 7” display and a sound system, nine Bose speakers, and the Bose Premium Audio System that grants drivers the opportunity to explore the Altima’s unique interior acoustics.


Intelligent Climate Control, Heated Seats, Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control, the Altima has a list of amazing features that aim to redefine the future of sedans. With stylish matte chrome, extended front seats, and active noise cancellation, the interiors of the vehicle emphasize luxury and the comfort of everyone inside it. It also has an option of flexing space with the 60/40 split rear seats.

Increased side and back bolster support are crafted to hold in the driver through the twists and turns, while the redesigned, zero-gravity seats and power adjustments help make even the longest of drives feel as comfortable as relaxing at home. The model is available at Arabian Automobiles Nissan showrooms across Dubai, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates and drive away with the future of vehicular performance and style.

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