Renault Middle East Implemented All The Necessary Safety and Precautionary Measures in Response to COVID-19

With the majority of the population throughout the Region being quarantined at home, there is still a need to leave the home for key workers and for many of us to purchase essentials. We are all aware of the precautions we need to take, and the risks involved as we move into a new era of behavior which we all need to adapt due to the Global Pandemic which has taken everyone by surprise.

Groupe Renault has answered the call to the crisis we face today and has engaged in projects throughout many countries to support Healthcare and Health workers. In the UK, Renault Formula 1 team is working with 6 other Formula 1 teams as part of the Project Pitlane to manufacture and deliver respiratory devices to support the national need. Our Engineering teams around the world and production resources available have enabled us to produce the medical equipment most in demand: visors, masks and artificial respirators. In addition, we have provided vehicles to Hospitals, Medical Staff and Red Cross.  

 The health and well bearing of our customers is paramount every time a customer visits a Renault Facility or requires service. Renault Middle East along with their key partners across the region have implemented all the necessary safety and precautionary measures, adhering to the various government safety protocols.

But what sets them apart is their extra effort, to keep both the reliability factor and potentially safety of the vehicles at par, in the current circumstances:

  • Drop your key service is now available 24 hours at any of our Abu Dhabi service centers
  • The option of a vehicle drop-off & delivery along with settling the transaction at customer’s doorstep
  • Whilst the vehicle is in for service, there is an offer for an Antibacterial and anti-disease AC treatment to keep them safe and healthy
  • In Kuwait, customers are ensured protective covers for seats, steering wheels and gear knobs to attain utmost safety
  • Introduction of ozone treatment technology to sanitize the interior of all customer vehicles

A robust crisis-management solution has also been deployed with their customer service fully equipped to serve their customers during these tough times.

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Renault and Corona

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