Nissan to introduce 15 new EVs as part of revised Ambition 2030 plan

nissan ev

Nissan has revised its Ambition 2023 plan and stated that it will be introducing 15 new EVs by 2030. The company says that this will “further accelerate the electrification strategy” of its “Nissan Ambition 2030” plan.

The Japanese carmaker also stated that “the electrification mix across the Nissan and Infiniti brands by 2030 is projected to increase to more than 55% globally, up from the previous forecast of 50%” due to “diverse and growing customer needs.”

If we compare Nissan’s strategy to, say Tesla, then it focuses on increasing the number of EVs in its portfolio instead of introducing a few models and focusing on scaling their production.

Nissan also announced that it will “promote the democratization of EVs and e-POWER models to meet the needs of individual markets.” This means that the EVs will be tailored to different customer needs of various regions.

Nissan's most recent prediction for its electric vehicle sales mix in major markets in fiscal year 2026 is predicted.: Europe - 98% (up from 75%*), Japan: 58% (up from 55%*), China: 35% (from 40%*) and United States: 40%* (EV only; by fiscal year 2030).

Senior Vice President Toshihiro Hirai, who leads powertrain & EV engineering development, said: “We make the most of our expertise and know-how from our more-than-a-decade long development and production of electrified technologies. Through our innovations in electrified powertrain development, we’ll continue to create new value for customers and deliver 100% motor-driven vehicles – EVs and e-POWER – as widely as possible.”

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