Jack Stamp And His Unique Mercedes Benz Wagon

Mercedes Benz E550 Jack Stamp

It isn’t every day that you come across a gorgeous Mercedes-Benz wagon, even more so, in a country like the UAE where wagons are in shorter supply than million Dollar supercars. Jack Stamp, the proud owner of an E550 Wagon, tells us more about his ride and what got him into the automotive scene.

What car do you currently drive? 

I drive a Mercedes-Benz E550 Wagon and although it is fifteen years old, it still turns heads everywhere it goes!

Have you owned any interesting cars in the past? 

In addition to the Benz, which I classify as the “sensible car”, I also own a tuned and straight piped Toyota GT86 which is my “fun car” that I like to drive hard on the weekends.

What got you into cars? 

I think like a lot of other people my age, Fast and Furious played a very, very big role in kickstarting my automotive passion.

Jack Stamp E550 Wagon

What is unique about your car? Have you customized it in any way? 

The E550 Wagon has an AMG exhaust on it and it is running a bagged suspension set-up – meaning I can raise it if I want to drive over a big speed breaker or slam the car on the ground for a low, stanced look. It's also insanely clean for a car that's 15 years old!

Do you have any upgrades or modifications in the pipeline? 

To be honest, I do not, it's a great daily and it's very comfortable.  Not to mention, with 385hp on tap, it’s also plenty powerful when you need to get a shift on.

Tell me one car you would swap your current car for? 

That would have to be a Nissan GT-R and trust me; it’s going to happen very, very soon!

E550 Jack Stamp


Jack Stamp And His Unique Mercedes Benz Wagon
Jack Stamp And His Unique Mercedes Benz Wagon
Jack Stamp And His Unique Mercedes Benz Wagon

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