Featured Consumer Review: 2012 FJ Cruiser


Name: Michelle Jackson

Make: FJ Cruiser

Version: 4.0L (Mid Range options) 

Model Year: 2012

Condition: New 

Price Paid: 130,000 AED 

Date Bought: September 2012 (09/12)


Which cars did you shortlist before deciding to buy this car? 

1. Jeep Wrangler

2. Ford Edge Limited and Sport Versions


What made you pick the FJ over the Wrangler and Ford Edge? 

When I get into the car and put my foot down, I expect to be impressed by the power. The FJ definitely has this above the other two cars. It gives you speed and a thrilling driving experience and you feel safe at the same time.


How often do you use FJ Cruiser for off-road excursions?

I have driven it off-road on three occassions. I love the fact that this is a real 4x4 off-roader with great off-road handling. It does not disappoint. This car is made for the desert. 


Your opinion on FJ's looks:

The FJ has a sporty and retro look at the same time as being fun and rebellious. The 4x4 has presence on the road and it's a style statement. 

Likes: The huge Toyota symbol on the grill. I like the lights on the wing mirrors and one of the best things about the FJ is everything is big, bold and larger than life. Who doesn't love huge chrome alloys?!

Dislikes: I dislike the fact the car does not have too many exterior features as I had expected from their flashy brochures, but I guess that's why a lot of people end up customizing their FJ. I'm also tempted to do this. 


Your take on interior:

There is nothing posh about the FJ interior. It's sporty and very loud with a huge compass and water proof fabric seats. It is built for the rough and tumble in the off-road experience, but it's done with class and a funky up to date style. The look of steering wheel and dash is quite unique. 

Likes: I like the fact that they have put a huge basebox in the boot. They know the person who wants to drive this car will want to enjoy his / her music. 

Dislikes: I wasn't impressed much with the iPod dock and the way it works when searching for a song. In my opinion it diverts your attention because it's too fiddly. 

Comfort: Comfort is great, one thing you don't need is heated seats or fake wood edging. This car is not for the wannabes or five star luxury class lovers. It's not trying to be what it's not. It's rugged, edgy and sporty through and through. It stays true to that. 


Your assessment of driving performance:

Driving around town in Dubai, this car is nippy and handles well. You have to be a little careful when taking corners at speed because it doesn't grip the road as much as you might think. It's great for the long journeys but with the FJ you should be aware the windows are small and there are many blind spots. 


How practical is FJ Cruiser? 

This is a spacious car, but not for a family with young children. It is not practical for a car seat and this is because of the suicide doors you will struggle to get kids in and out. I believe it is a car for one person or a couple who need to take lots of items with them. I'm a stylist so it's great as the boot becomes my on-road wardrobe as the space is huge. I also have additional room for passengers every now and then so it's ideal for me. 



What areas need improvement?

I always knew from day one the suicide door are a gimmick. As long as you remember this you won't be disappointed, but I can see how some people might not be happy with the way they work. Also the iPod dock is very basic and needs to be improved. To select a track you spend far too long fiddling with the controls and as soon as you plug in you are not able to use the ipod directly anymore. It could prove dangerous since it's distracting for drivers. 

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