BMW to introduce electric motorcycles in five years

BMW Motrrad

In today’s marketspace, electric cars are pretty darn popular, but the next big shift seems to be coming in other transport forms. From electric airplanes to electric buses, the end of road for internal combustion engines is well in sight, with BMW Motorrad division being the newest member to announce it could be building all-electric motorcycles within five years’ time.

Following in the footsteps of other electric motorcycle manufactures such as Harley Davidson, KYMCO, and Zero, Head of BMW Motorrad Dr. Markus Schramm, was quoted as saying: “As the Vision DC Roadster concept shows, we see this as a power portfolio of the future. In the urban environment, it is possible that there will be an electric BMW motorcycle in five years. In the touring, off-road, and sport segments, I am not sure that we will see them just yet.”

BMW Motorrad

The BMW Vision DC Roadster was first introduced at the company’s #NEXTGen event in 2018 as an all-electric model featuring a battery pack with metallic cooling ribs and two fans. Powering the rear wheel is a cylinder-shaped electric motor. Time will tell, however, if electric motorcycles become the focus for urban commuting, it is likely that enthusiast-oriented motorcycles will begin to differentiate themselves by retaining their high-revving internal combustion engines – a trend that definitely didn’t pan out the same way for the automotive industry…


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