A quick guide for potential Electric Vehicle owners

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Electric Car UAE

This short yet detailed guide intends to give you (potential EV owners) better clarity when it comes to the electric vehicle research and buying phase.

1) You need to understand that driving an electric car the same way you drive your petrol car is a mistake. Electric vehicles are built to be driven as electric vehicles to maximize their range / efficiencies. This means, while petrol cars are great for open highways and long distances, EVs fair far better in congested cities and the daily gridlock.

2) Check how many kWh the battery has. Nowadays, the standard is a 40-kWh battery pack, however with brands such as Tesla this can go right up to 100-kWh. It’s also important to check the warranty period provided on the battery since that is arguably the most important and expensive element in an EV.

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3) Ask how much the car will do in a combined range. Here the story is nearly the same as the petrol consumption figures manufacturers state on their brochures. They drive it in optimal conditions and they put the best result. For the electric range, the same concept applies.

Chevrolet Bolt

4) Pay attention to the regeneration of energy. Things such as the e-pedal / one pedal driving can give you more charge while driving in busy cities / areas. Not to mention, make the drive itself a lot easier!

5) Do the math. Usually, electric cars are more expensive than their petrol-powered counterparts in the same segment. If your average monthly driving will wave off the price of the petrol + the services + other benefits, it might make sense to invest in an EV.

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6) Simulate and plan your day around an electric car, especially for when you will run out of battery. A few important questions that one should ask include: Will I have a charging station nearby? Am I willing to spend time going there, charging the car, and picking it up from there? Can I charge my EV at home? Will I be able to do it with a regular socket and how long will that take? Can I install a quick charger at home? How much will that cost me? How much will my electricity bill increase? Can I charge it in my building parking lot?

7) Think about the planet, my friend. You can make a real impact here. CO2 emissions are not a joke and we should take care of the planet we live on. Sometimes, I feel we are not giving the right relevance to this topic.

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